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The Texas Title Insurance Guaranty Association (“TTIGA”) is a non-profit, unincorporated association of all Texas-licensed title insurance companies.  It exists to protect Texas title insurance policyholders and claimants when a title insurance company or agency fails.


TTIGA collects the policy guaranty fee from title insurance transactions to fund the title insurance agent audit function of the Texas Department of Insurance and to fund the payment of covered escrow account shortages resulting from the insolvency of a title insurance agent.


TTIGA also collects the guaranty assessment recoupment charge fee from all title insurance transactions during the 2014 year to fund refund the assessment back to the title underwriters, which were assessed in 2013 to pay for covered claims in the Southern Title Insurance Corporation, receivership and now liquidation, in the state of Virginia.  TTIGA pays covered claims involving Texas properties associated with the STIC liquidation. 


Our General Counsel's office is available to answer general questions about the collection of the guaranty fee and the insolvency process, as well as specific questions concerning individual claims.

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